Easy no oven chocolate cake recipe

chocolate cake
                           chocolate cake


Generally, cooking does not require anything special other than a stove, but if it is about making a cake, it needs an oven, today we will tell you an easy recipe for making a chocolate cake without an oven. With which you can easily prepare the cake at home.

Cake Ingredients

Eggs – 6 pcs

Chinese. Seven tablespoons

The flour Eight tablespoons

Cocoa powder. Two teaspoons

Condensed milk. A tablespoon

Water. A cup

Butter Half a kilo

Icing sugar. Six tablespoons

Cocoa powder. A tablespoon

Cooking chocolate. Half a kilo

Cherries. As required

Pot with lid. A number

Grains of gravel. To fill the pan of the pot



Fill the bottom of the pot with gravel and place it on the stove and heat it to bake the cake well.

Let it happen. Try covering the pot with a glass lid.

Beat the eggs in a bowl with the help of a batter, then add the sugar and mix well until the mixture becomes frothy, then gradually add the flour so that it becomes a smooth mixture, then add the cocoa powder and mix well.


Pour the mixture into the cake pan and place it in the heated pan on top of the gravel. Leave the cake covered until it rises. When the cake starts to rise, remove the lid from the pan and cover the ends of the pan with aluminum foil. and close the lid again.



Turn the heat down to medium and let the cake cook for five minutes while checking by removing the foil, when the cake is well puffed, when the sponge is fully puffed and ready, very carefully take it out of the pan. and let cool.


After cooling, cut the cake in half.

For the icing

Blend the butter and soften it a little, add icing sugar and mix with the help of a batter, then add cocoa powder and mix well, add cocoa powder according to how much you want to keep the color of the cake light or bright.

Now cover one part completely with icing and place the other part on top, now cover the entire cake with icing, grate the cooking chocolate and mix this chocolate and cherries to make the cake topping and sprinkle it on top of the cake.


Serve delicious no-oven cake with tea.

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