Oily skin

oily skin


Sweating is profuse in summer and if your skin is oily, it starts to produce oil. The characteristic of oily skin is that it often breaks out on such skin. Even if there are no rashes, blackheads or light pores will definitely appear on the skin. Second, if you wipe your mouth with a tissue, the oil will be on the tissue, which means you have oily skin.

Some people are born with oily skin, but most girls develop this problem at the age of 13-14. Changes in hormones also cause the skin to become oily and if care is not taken, this can lead to skin problems and pimples.

Benefits of oily skin

Women with oily skin do not need to apply moisturizer if they go out. The biggest advantage of this is that they do not get wrinkles on their face as they get older, whereas those who have dry skin get more wrinkles on their face as they get older.

Oily skin problems

People with oily skin face problems throughout the year, but in summer (especially at the age of 13-14 years), hormones come into motion and affect the skin, and pimples start to appear on it. Open pores are also one of the problems of oily skin. When dust or sweat from the day gets inside these open pores, it can lead to infection. Then the biggest problem occurs when the infection spreads all over the face and leaves its marks. Oily foods and sour foods also increase the fat on the face. Also, too much sun and heat can damage the skin.


For people who have oily skin from an early age, if they start taking precautions at that time, then the skin problems can be controlled. In this regard, we tell you some measures.

  • In the event that skin breakout begins, the main thing is to shield the skin from skin inflammation. For this, cleaning the face two times every day with any great toner is important.
  • Use skin inflammation explicit cleanser to clean up.
  • At least ten glasses of water were drank in 24 hours. Assuming you crush lemon in water and drink it, it will be more helpful.
  • Rinse your mouth at least four to five times, especially in the morning and before going to bed. If you have to go into the dust (mud) as is common these days, be sure to clean your mouth with toner after coming outside.
  • Be sure to ice once or twice a day in summer.
  • If blackheads occur, do not squeeze them out with your hands as this will leave scars and lead to infection. Carefully remove the blackheads with steam, a dermatologist may also be consulted in this regard.


Avoid greasy and fried foods. Instead of eating beef and goat meat, use chicken and fish. Eat more vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, and don’t forget to drink milk before going to bed. People with oily skin should eat more green leafy vegetables. Eat these vegetables as a salad or boil them, both are useful. For oily skin, drinking lemon water is very useful, besides malt juice, orange juice and strawberry juice are very useful. Eat more watermelons in summer, eating carrots or drinking carrot juice is also very useful. If you dare to drink semi-pure juice, it will also be beneficial.

Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Before applying makeup on hot summer days, clean your face with oil control face wipes and then apply an oil control toner. Apply an oil-control toner especially on the T-zone i.e. the forehead, nose, and chin as these are the three areas where the face sweats the most. It doesn’t fall. It will be better if you apply less base in summer. Minimize use of foundation available in stick and cream form as the foundation does not absorb sweat.

. Apply cake foundation which comes in powder form. Use eyeshadow for eye makeup as it won’t fade quickly. Before applying mascara, apply a small amount of ordinary talcum powder on the eyelashes, then apply mascara. This process will apply the mascara firmly to the eyelashes.

Lipstick is also an important part of makeup. Apply a light foundation on the lips before applying it. Do not apply lip gloss as it melts very quickly in summer, it is better to use lipstick instead.

By following these things, your make-up will not be damaged and you will look prominent at the party.

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