E-Commerce: Growth, Uses, Prospects


Every day, humanity is starting to use information technologies more actively. To do this, it uses the Internet. Almost today, this system is all the institutions are opening their sites. Do not stand aside, ordinary citizens. They give birth to their own pages on various social networks.

The Internet is an open system with a large audience that allows for a completely new interaction between users. And the fact that it has started to be widely used for e-business is not surprising. This is a completely new level not only market and economic, but also social and cultural relations between organizations and people.

Creation date

E-business is the integration of businesses and individuals working in the field of e-commerce. All of them are united in the enterprise network. To date, this system is at the level of the entire world of the Internet.

What is E-commerce?


On the contrary, e-business is a term that has a thin meaning. It involves the use of the Internet as an information channel for the organization of business processes. In this case, there is no traditional scheme of “money items”. It is replaced by “informational information”.

E-Commerce – It is nothing like online shopping. And there was this kind of activity in the days when people were not aware of the Internet. It happened in 1979 American Michael Aldrich decided to connect the computer and cable TV together. To do this, they used fixed telephone lines. This technology allows users to order goods, which were shown on the screen. Tim Behrens invented the first browser and it was in 1990. After that, and started the rapid development of e-business and e-commerce. Therefore, in 1992, Charles Stuckey opened an online store selling book production in the world’s first company. In 1994 he started his work at Amazon.com, and in 1995 – eBay.


The advancement of web-based business in Russia can be described by the accompanying stages:

  1. 1991-1993. During this period, the Internet is the only means of communication between the scientific community, technical centers, computer experts, and government organizations.
  2. 1994-1997. At this time, the population of the country begins to take an active interest in the possibility of a worldwide network.
  3. In the present day, e-business has been actively developed since 1998 with the help of the Internet and e-commerce.

New features

Businesses on a traditional path, well-known companies, are responsible for every step of the activity. At the same time, they are spending a huge amount of money on product development and production, further delivery, and the sale of finished products. Large financial resources are required and logistical support for the entire process.

But here was e-commerce. They began to gradually change into virtual organizations and network enterprises. In addition, each of the members of this community has the opportunity to focus their activities in the most appropriate way. This allowed making deliveries to as many customers as possible and complete production solutions.

  There will be new opportunities for e-commerce businesses once there. This inventive instrument was made conceivable by:

– video conferencing;

– take online training;

– development of new marketing models;

– the creation of a business environment of information systems;

– to obtain a variety of information;

– implementation of financial cooperation;

– Development of a new relationship between companies using electronic technology;

– Opening of new low-cost channels;

– Strengthening of cooperation;

– support for alternative views;

– Development of a new economy of construction and purchase of goods.


The main functions of E-commerce.

Using e-commerce requires:

– Establishing initial contacts with potential suppliers, customers, and clients via the Internet;

– Exchange of documents generated in electronic form, necessary for the execution of purchase and sale transactions;

– Sale of goods or services;

– Post-sales customer support in the form of pre-sale advertising products and detailed briefings on purchased products;

– Electronic payment for goods purchased with the use of electronic money transfer, credit card, and check;

– Delivery of products to customers.

Scheme “Business for Business”

There are different types of e-commerce. In addition, their classification includes the target group of consumers. One of the types of e-commerce is a “business to business” or B2B project. This discussion is done on a fairly simple principle. It consists of the fact that one company sells to another.

Despite the fact that there are other types of e-commerce today, B2B is one of the fastest growing areas that have great potential. Thanks to the Internet platform, the entire trading process becomes more efficient and transparent. In this way, the representative of the customer’s company has the ability to interactively control the entire process of implementation of work, services, or delivery of goods. To do this, it uses the database organization seller.

By the characteristics of the “business-to-business” model, it is the fact that in this case, it is impossible to conduct a business activity without fully automated communication between organizations. And this is a very attractive prospect. Leading business in the B2B sector, solving the company’s problem in parallel with its own internal management of complex automation.


Trading Platform for Scheme “Business to Business”

In e-commerce, deals are made by related financial transactions and implemented where there are specific locations. These are virtual in the case that the trading platform is. They can be created:

– Buyers;

– The seller;

– Of a third party.

To date, there are three types of model trading platforms for B2B. It exchanges, auctions and catalogs. Let us review them in detail.

Create a directory that facilitates the use of search capabilities provided by modern information systems. In this case, the buyer is entitled to choose the goods in the same comparison and price, delivery date, warranty, and so on. D. The catalog is used in industries where the most often transactions are for the implementation of low-cost goods, and where demand is likely, and prices vary very rarely.

For the auction, then this trading platform model is characterized by non-fixed prices. The final cost of goods is established in the billing process. Auctions are used where the goods or services traded are unique in their nature. It can be similar rare items or capital goods, inventory, and so on

The third type of virtual trading platform – Exchange – is characterized by the fact that the prices offered by it are governed by supply and demand, and therefore subject to strong changes. This model is perfectly suitable for the process of providing several simple features that are common items.

Exchanges are most attractive to markets where prices and demand are volatile. In some cases, this model allows you to trade anonymously, which is sometimes necessary for the protection of competition and price immutability.

Experts predict the good prospects of e-commerce using this model. First, such sales are profitable customers. After all, commerce takes place on a corporate commercial website without middlemen. In addition, a similar trading platform is characterized by the work of a seller with a large number of buyers.

There have been recent and new types of sales models in the B2B sector. These catalog systems integrate multiple vendors. Start to work on an electronic platform that combines features of exchange and auction. Such e-commerce reduces the time and financial costs of searching and choosing the best products, as well as the registration of transactions between buyers and sellers.

“Consumer to Business” Scheme

E-commerce is based on the principle of B2C, the case where enterprise users are not legal, and finds its application in physical persons. Usually, it is the retail sale of goods. This method of conducting a commercial transaction is beneficial for the client.

It provides an opportunity to speed up and facilitate the purchase of necessary things. In humans, there is no need for shopping. It is enough to study the characteristics of the goods for the merchant’s website, select the desired model and order a product that will be delivered to the specified address.



A “consumer to do business” and profitable supplier of e-commerce on the Internet. He has the opportunity to demand traceability spent with minimal resources to prepare the material.

  Running traditional online shops for the B2C scheme. These activities are focused on a specific target group of users. In 2010, they appeared and started to develop the so-called social commerce. It covers the scope of selling goods and services on social network

One of the biggest companies working on the B2C model is an American company, Amazon.com. It retails books and has more than a million customers worldwide. Using the scheme of “customer to business”, the company equals access to products between customers from different countries. It doesn’t matter whether the customer lives in a big city or in a remote area.

Trading Platform for Scheme “Business to Consumer”

Goods are sold in the B2C sector through:

– Electronic stores and shopping arcades;

– Windows on the web;

– special online system;

– Auctions.

Consider more of these trading platforms. E-commerce of small and medium-sized companies, as a rule, is carried out through online retailers. This virtual platform – is not the other, company site. There are more complex structure line levels. They have multiple virtual stores.

E-commerce in Russia is often done through a small web shop window. These trade lines were usually owned by small business firms. The basic elements of such sites are catalogs or price lists that describe the products or services themselves, as well as a system for receiving orders received by customers.

Online trading systems (TIS) are used by large holdings, companies, and corporations. These virtual platforms, etc., increase service efficiency and sales delivery, as well as the production process of raw materials, materials, construction of the most rational supply chain for equipment, and enable enterprises.

Many organizations use a particular website to manage e-commerce. Any of them can expose your product to the original price of the vendor. Such websites are electronic auctions.

A buyer interested in purchasing the product can indicate a high value for it. As a result, the seller’s company enters into a transaction with which it is willing to pay more.

“Consumer to Consumer” Scheme of

The growth of e-commerce is due to the emergence of C2C transactions. Consumers are not traders who are committed between the two. With this scheme, e-commerce sellers post their offers on specialized Internet sites, a cross between a general market, flea market, and newspaper ads. For example, the chain hard supplier is ebay.com.

It is a third party, allowing users to enter any transaction in real-time. And they transfer directly from the Internet and form an electronic auction. The C2C model has become very popular today. At the same time encourages buyers in the prices of items that are less in the shops.

Other schemes

What else can e-commerce be? The above most common schemes actually exist and many others. They are not very popular, however, are used in a large number of specific cases. Thus, the use of e-commerce is made possible through the interaction of both legal entities and individuals with state structures.

It is working with customs agencies, related to the filling of forms and collection of taxes, and similar cooperation. D. Such forms were only possible with the development of Internet technology.

An important benefit of this scheme is to facilitate the efficiency of e-commerce of government employees and the release of paperwork.

Basic rules for traders

E-commerce is a basic information technology foundation that anyone who wants to own a business should know. There are some simple rules that must be typed for any seller. Anyone who wants to be a winner in the contest, will:

– To create a site that is optimized for search engines;

– Convert your visitors into buyers;

– In carrying out marketing activities that will promote the site on the Internet.

– Showgirl sales analysis.


Growth prospects of e-commerce

There were certain factors that had an important influence on the development of the Election Commission in Russia today. of them:

– which currently needs to reduce the impact of the available territory of the country, to a large extent of the market participants are connected with the remoteness of the sale of goods;

– on the importance of improving integration processes for the integration of Russian business with world information and economic processes;


– the problem of reducing commercial costs, which will allow our products to compete in the global market;

– There is a need for more careful control over the sale of goods by the authorities related to businesses and government spending;

– The importance of the dynamic development of the technical base of organizations with the implementation of the most modern information technology.

  EC development in Russia is part of the traditionally high level of higher education. In addition, the country’s financial authorities have already developed the array in the use of technology, which enables the use of the bank’s remote maintenance of customer transactions.

E-commerce security in Russia provides technical solutions available. They include the use of tools that provide cryptographic protection of information provided by members of the virtual sale.

Note: Information based on Wikipedia, BBC, and Dawn

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