How to save electricity?


During the hot or cold season, many people are worried about the electricity bills and ask each other how much the electricity bill is.
When the bill is high, many people deny that they have used more electricity and claim that they have used electricity only as needed.
But the authorities often include some important instructions with the bill which are ignored, such as when the electricity rate per unit will be higher, which electrical appliances consume more electricity, and air conditioners (ACS). ) can be used economically.
The electricity bill is certainly often a source of concern, but if you take care of a few things, the electricity bill can be reduced.

To save energy, you can switch off all appliances that are not in use at the moment
Frozen food can be defrosted in water before reheating in a microwave oven

Turn off the appliance


Often parents urge children to keep unnecessary lights off and scold them unreasonably.
To save electricity, you can switch off all the appliances that are not in use. For example, fans, lights, TV, and computer.
If you’re not using them, keep them off at all times, rather than leaving them on or on standby.
Many times the bathroom or balcony lights are left on. If they are kept off, it will reduce the electricity bill considerably.
If you are not using the washing machine or iron, switch them off. If you are not using the computer or TV, put them on sleep mode or turn them off.

Use energy-efficient appliances

LED lights utilize significantly less energy than traditional bulbs. Where a traditional lamp uses 100 watts, an energy saver lamp consumes only 25 watts.
Although these lamps are expensive in the market, they last for a long time and also reduce the electricity bill.
If we use inverter-based refrigerators, ACs, and washing machines, the electricity bill can be reduced by two-thirds

 Use controlled AC


The use of AC in homes has become a norm now but if they are used carefully, it is possible to reduce the electricity bill.
Continuously keep the AC temperature at 24 degrees Celsius or less. When it cools down to a suitable level, you can use the fan after turning it off.
It is better to keep the timer on at night so that the AC turns off automatically after adequate cooling.
Auto-on of the AC fan, keeping the filter clean, and better insulation of the room can also help.

Use alternative methods

When cooking or reheating food at home, you can use only the oven without using the entire microwave oven.
Frozen food can be defrosted in water before reheating it in a microwave oven.
If you do not use the ‘hot water setting’ (hot water facility) in the washing machine, this will also reduce the electricity bill.

Use quality equipment


The electricity bill also depends on the connection and cable. If the cable is substandard and the connection is weak or shaky, it produces low voltage, which increases the bill.
If the substation in a multi-story building is old, the bill can be even higher.
These devices should be reviewed at least once a year. Regular cleaning of AC and refrigerator filters at home can reduce electricity consumption.

Limit power consumption

Charges per unit increase over a few units depending on electricity usage. You should correct this part according to your local bill.
You can see on your electricity bill when the per unit rate is high and when the rate is low. You can estimate the bill by looking at your electricity meter readings during the month or by reducing or increasing electricity usage as needed.
But it is certain that if you use fewer units of electricity, your bill will come down.

Use of natural energy


The main method for saving power is to utilize sun-based energy. Solar panels are now seen as an investment, meaning once the money is invested and the house is converted to solar, how much money can be spent?
Solar energy can be used during low or high load shedding of electricity. Taking advantage of sunlight instead of turning on indoor lights during the day is a great way to reduce individual electricity consumption.

Finally, compare the bill at the end of the month to see how much you saved each month compared to last year.
After following the above instructions, you will notice a significant reduction in your electricity bill and can meet your other needs with the money saved.


Remember that saving electricity will not only make you and your family happy but will also help keep your Earth from being wasted.

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