Is the World Going to End Soon?


Is the world ending soon? That’s the question on everyone’s mind, whether you believe in End of Days prophecies or not. Whether or not you think it’s going to happen at all, there are measures you can take to be prepared for it in case it does come about. In this article, we’ll help you understand the predictions and explain what steps you can take to stay safe and make the most of your last days on Earth.


Reasons why I think the world might end soon?

Last year, NASA detected a giant planet the size of Jupiter drifting between us and our sun. We’ve been told that if Planet X—or Nibiru, as it’s sometimes called—passes close enough to Earth, it could destroy our planet, but researchers also say that Earth is long overdue for an extinction-level event anyway…so why not get hit by a rogue planet now? After all, how many more chances do we have left? The next time you see someone complaining about traffic or doing something stupid on Facebook, remind yourself: This could be your last day on Earth. And then go hug your loved ones (and pets). Because who knows what tomorrow will bring? —J.P.S., via e-mail


Rebuttals to my arguments

Here are a few arguments, commonly cited as evidence that we live in end times: The Bible describes 7 periods or seals of time. Each seal is believed to be a period of history — and when all 7 seals have been opened, it will mark an end to civilization as we know it. This is called The Tribulation in Christian circles, and many people believe it refers primarily to 21st-century society. Many Biblical scholars believe that because Christ’s return has not yet occurred, there must still be at least one more seal left to open. If so, then we may well see our own version of Armageddon in our lifetimes. (And if you think I’m being overly dramatic about any of these predictions… consider how much money Hollywood spends every year on movies about alien invasions.)


My rebuttals to rebutting arguments

How will Aliens save us?  The Earth is going to become uninhabitable, I don’t think that humans will be able to survive on a planet like Mars for long periods of time. If we can send a probe out into space and land it safely on Mars, then why can’t we just send humans too?  Humans are not invulnerable or immune from death, we do in fact age eventually. Also, there is no guarantee that any aliens would want to help us. Then what? Are they just going to kill all of humanity because they don’t know how to communicate with them properly? Also, there isn’t any evidence proving whether aliens exist or not. It could very well be possible that aliens have been visiting earth for years and we have never noticed them before because they were trying to hide from being discovered by humans.


Final thoughts

We’re not going to solve all of our problems here, but it seems evident that we could use a few more blue-sky thinkers—and fewer prophets of doom. The end isn’t nigh (unless you count global warming). The end is now. When we focus on threats, we overlook opportunities and let fear cloud our vision. Let’s work together to create a better world—and if it happens to save our planet, that’s just a side benefit. We’ll do it because it’s right; because we can; and because there are no guarantees. You know what they say: Hope for the best, plan for disaster. And yes, I did just quote Jerry Maguire in an essay about saving humanity from itself. Sue me.

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