Rogan Josh(A Kashmiri Dish)

Rogan Josh

History of Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is actually a Kashmiri dish. The Mughal emperors used to camp in the gardens of the plains of the Kashmir valley to escape the heat during the summer season and spend the summer here. Because the Mughals were fond of new foods and Rogan Josh became famous for their love of food.

Rogan Josh is actually a Persian name, Rogan means butter and Josh means hot, thus this dish means meat cooked in butter.

In Kashmir, this dish is prepared with regional spices, some cooks prepare it with garlic and onion, and some with fennel and asafoetida. The flowers of this plant are extremely red and are widely used by Kashmiris for their beauty in food.

According to some people, the reason for the name of this dish is the use of this flower as Rogan means red in the Kashmiri language.

According to traditions, the cooks of the Tughluq family prepared this dish for the first time in the fourteenth century during the time of Timur Ling. These cooks migrated from Samarkand and came to Kashmir.

The rich aroma of passion fruit prepared with asafoetida drives the diners crazy

Mughal emperor Akbar’s famous book Ayaan Akbari specifically mentions dishes prepared with asafoetida. This dish uses Kashmiri red chilies and Kashmiri garam masala, which are quite different from the traditional garam masala.

Now coming to the preparation of this dish.


1 kg mutton cut into small pieces (thigh meat)

Half a cup of cooking oil

Two sticks of cinnamon

Two to three crushed red chilies (Kashmiri)

Half a tablespoon of asafoetida

Three to four hundred grams of curd

Two tablespoons of red chili powder

One and a half tablespoons of turmeric powder

One and a half tablespoons of coriander powder

Ten to twelve green cardamoms

Half a tablespoon of Kashmiri spice

Two to three tazePaat

Two cups of water and salt to taste


Heat the oil and fry the tazepaat, cinnamon, and chili for a minute and then add the meat.

Add salt and asafoetida while stirring it with a spoon.

Keep stirring it till the water comes out and becomes dry and then add little water and start stirring again.

Add curd and red chili powder to it and keep stirring with a spoon for twenty to twenty-five minutes. Then add water as required while adding ginger coriander powder as well.

Cook until the meat is thoroughly cooked. Add more water if needed. Sprinkle freshly ground spices(garam masala) and cardamom, stir, and simmer for 10 minutes.

Now the delicious Rogan Josh is ready to eat, eat and enjoy.