Social Media tricks to get followers

Social Media(Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) tricks to get followers

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As we all know this social media platform it’s all about likes and reels, but that doesn’t mean you can use them to your benefit. I want to share a few tricks that will boost your follower growth without much effort. If you are into fashion, check out our trending outfits for men here!
Instagram, Facebook & Twitter – How To Make Your Social Media Presence Count?

1. Post High-Quality Photos

Use high-quality photos on Facebook & Instagram and make sure every picture is in the right frame. It needs to have a clean background and good composition. You can add filters as well using apps like Photoshop.

2. Link To Other Sources On The Web

If you have links to other sites related to your profession then these sources should be displayed under the photo in order to increase engagement and keep your followers engaged. There are many other things that they should include such as relevant keywords, long descriptions, relevant hashtags, etc. This will help you make your profile look more credible and trustworthy.

3. Create Engaging Hashtags

It is very important to create some captivating and engaging hashtags for the posts you post so that your posts have a higher chance of being seen/engaged by people via comments. Use keywords that are trending at the moment such as #fashion, #fashionnews, or #fashionista, you get the idea.

Also, make sure to use those trending hashtags relevant to your content so that your audience can search for content related to them. Once again, these tags should have positive messages that relate to your niche/industry/category.

4. Be on the lookout for new content.

You need to take an eye on new content that is published regularly. Even if you think that already posted things have a higher chance of getting views as compared to newly published content, check if those stories that are most viewed get the same amount of shares as the ones who shared recently that story. Do not forget to share those trends that are doing wonders with their feeds.

5. Be Consistent With What’s Being Shared By Others

Be consistent when posting your own posts; follow guidelines and don’t put things out there that aren’t true or accurate. Remember to write the context first before writing your content so that you don’t offend anyone in any way. Lastly, be sure to tag the right person whenever you post something.

6. Take Regular Pictures And Videos

Make sure every picture that you post has a nice background, beautiful colors, sound effects, etc. That way people will look at your posts and engage in conversation around them. Taking good pictures and videos boosts your page to a greater extent and also helps you build trust.

7. Share Relevant Information Through Stories Or Hashtags (And Not Just Posts)

Share information with your audiences via stories or hashtags. You can also share tips, tricks, what’s new, what to expect, etc. Don’t just tag all information like “fashion”, “fashion news”, “fashion trends”, etc. Take time to find appropriate hashtags that relate to your industry. Try to give the audience a reason behind your choices by sharing information via other platforms/social channels but always remember the quality of your content.

8. Never Give Away Any Secrets Of Your Industry: No Tips Or Advice On Anything Related To Fashion

No advice is ever given away or shared anywhere else on any other account apart from the original post. Always remember that the only person responsible for everything is who gives it away. Never reveal too much about yourself because nobody wants to be taken advantage of.

9. Have Active Forums That Are Closed So People Can Talk About Their Problems / Problems They May Encounter In Life

Having forums is super useful for keeping up with your customers and discussing issues that arise, problems their customers face, etc. This makes life easier for both parties involved because they don’t feel alone anymore. We all go through rough times and sometimes feel alienated by others, so having active forums may help us understand how others really feel.

Having active forums on your profiles may even get your friends interested in your brand/company.

10. Post More Than One Picture Per Day

This might not seem like much but in order to ensure maximum reach to your target audience, try to post daily to gain attention, share posts to grow your following/network, make more sales, & most importantly gain popularity over competitors.