Upcoming WhatsApp Features

Upcoming new features  to WhatsApp


WhatsApp is always working to improve the texting experience for users with new features, whether it’s through improvements to the visual interface, improved privacy settings, or upgrades as straightforward as new emoticons.

Here are the five new features that users of the messaging app may anticipate, both for personal and professional usage.

Links on WhatsApp Status that Can Be Clicked

A small but useful addition to WhatsApp Status, the platform’s take on a “story” akin to those on Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media, will allow hyperlinking URLs in the caption of status updates. With viewers being able to open the same pages by just clicking, WhatsApp users will be able to share URLs to their own websites and pages as well as other intriguing pages they come across online.

Screenshot Restrictions

This feature will stop users from capturing screenshots of the “View Once” pictures and videos while it is still in beta testing. Soon, the feature ought to be available to all stable users. The functionality allows users to establish limitations on screen recording and screenshotting for media that is shared with friends and other contacts. This will protect your privacy and prevent other people from taking screenshots of your media.

New Business Tool Tab for WhatsApp Business

Users of WhatsApp Business will soon get access to a new tab on the app’s home screen as well. Business customers will have a single gateway where they can immediately access Business Tools without having to go through the in-app settings, the Business Tool tab, which replaces the camera item on the far left. These functions include catalog settings, upkeep of the company profile, and Facebook and Instagram ad connectivity.

WhatsApp Desktop will soon have a sidebar and status updates.

For all WhatsApp desktop users, future upgrades will also include a redesigned sidebar and status responses. Thanks to the Status responses feature, users of WhatsApp for the desktop will be able to view the status of their contacts and reply to them exactly like they would on the phone. The status updates page, preferences, and profile may all be easily accessed via the sidebar in the meanwhile.

WhatsApp Business Premium

Additionally, WhatsApp is said to be creating WhatsApp Premium, a subscription service for users of WhatsApp Business. According to reports, WhatsApp would apparently provide corporate customers additional benefits as long as they continue to pay for the service, similar to premium services like Telegram. These capabilities include the ability to connect more than four devices to a single account and the ability to create customized business links. Once the service is operational, it may even get further upgrades.